Handicomp has been serving golf since 1968 and is one of the most respected names in the industry.  Since it's humble beginnings as a handicap computation service, it is now the owner of the most comprehensive suite of Internet based golfer services available within the market.

 Golf Tournament Network

The Golf Tournament Network is an Internet based tournament management software system designed for clubs, associations, groups, organizations, and individuals.  Its design is unique in its ability to satisfy large private clubs as well as small groups hosting a simple outing.  Inherent features such as pairings, dotted scorecards, results, and skins make this application a winner.  However, affordability is what makes it shine as it is priced far below competing distributed (non-Internet) software applications.

 Golf League Network

     The Golf League Network is an Internet based league software application for clubs, independent league managers & secretaries, and associations, and is endorsed by several large golf associations.  It is special in its ability to deliver league golfers instant access to league schedules, pairings, golf handicaps and results.  Also, it is unique in that it provides very affordable oversight to courses and associations, yet provides independence to those league wishing to stand alone.

 Golf Handicap Network

The Golf Handicap Network is an Internet based USGA Handicap Index computation service for certified golf clubs and Amateur Associations.  The Golf Handicap Network is a culmination 48 years of market experience, which makes it the most complete USGA Handicap software application available today.  Its breadth and depth are unmatched and its price is perfect for golf clubs comfortable doing their own thing.

 www.GolfTournamentNetwork.com www.GolfLeagueNetwork.com www.GolfHandicapNetwork.com

Golf Registration Network

The Golf Registration Network is an Internet based application that allows administrators to collect registration fees for tournaments and events.  Its integration with the Golf Tournament Network is seamless and it allows for independent events as well.

My Golf  Network

My Golf Network is a place for every golfer within the Handicomp suite of Golf Networks to hang out and do their own thing.  It's primary purpose is to provide an area for a golfer to track their particular golf activities and to link and share them with friends.  As the keystone for all of the Golf Network applications, it is available to all golfers at no charge (Free)!

Golf Mobile Network

The Golf Mobile Network is an application designed for mobile devices such as cell phones.  It's purpose is to give quick access to things like score records, schedules and results.   It also allows for score entry, so it can be the one stop device for important Golf Network information.

It is available on Android, iOS (Apple), and Windows devices and can be found by searching for Golf Mobile Network.

 www.GolfRegistrationNetwork.com www.MyGolfNetwork.com www.GolfMobileNetwork.com